In the spirit of generosity and friendship we invite you to experience the wonderful benefits of a yoga lifestyle at our beautiful centre conveniently located in West End.

This exciting open day begins at 8.30am with a nice gentle easy yoga asana class for a lovely warm up and all over stretch followed by a general asana class. The general class is suitable for all levels as easy options are given for those who are relatively new to yoga or just want to make it an easier more relaxed class.

Because we want to to experience a taste of everything we have on offer at ASMY, live kirtan will be played during each class and there will be a nice long kirtan session at the end of each class. Every yoga asana class will include yoga breath, sivasana, japa (bead meditation) and Gauranga breathing meditation.

Our very popular deep peace class is straight after the asana classes, in this class you simply lie down and we’ll guide you through a 45 minute bliss session which will transport you to a place of pure relaxation of body, mind and heart. This part of the days program is definitely not to be missed. It is a lovely way to relax even deeper after a yoga asana class.

At ASMY we take a holistic approach to yoga. Yoga isn’t just an exercise system, it is far more, so we’ll also be exploring the deep and profound spiritual philosophy of yoga with an inspiring talk “Beyond the Mat”. We’ll also be touching on a healthy vegetarian diet, by demonstrating a simple dish on the day that you may want to add to your weekly menu.

Socialise, hang out with like minded people and make new friends over a delicious vegan lunch served outside in the lovely warm, spring weather (fingers crossed that it won’t rain).

After lunch we’ll pair up for our Indian Head Massage Workshop where everyone gets a chance to give and receive. Don’t think you can relax anymore? Think again! You’ll be feeling absolutely euphoric by the time you’ve had that amazing head massage.

Yoga Alignment is a very important part of yoga asanas, so we’ll be teaching you how to do the poses properly in the correct alignment. There will be a number of yoga teachers on hand to help you help you to get into the correct position, deepen the pose, and get more benefits from your asana practice.

Of course we’ll be finishing off with chai tea and a heartfelt kirtan to increase that inner-peace, satisfaction and joy that you’ll already be experiencing after such a spiritually uplifting day.

An amazing array of delicious cakes and sweet treats will be sold after the program to help with our fundraising efforts which allow us to offer all our meditation, relaxation and kirtan sessions by donation.

I thought I’d finish off with our philosophy and approach to yoga in order to let you know exactly why we are here and what we offer at ASMY.

ASMY’s philosophy and approach to the teaching of yoga is a very holistic and integrated one. ASMY offers all kinds of yoga asana classes and courses from hatha yoga to bhakti yoga. This holistic approach reflects the extensive background of our teachers. ASMY’s purpose is to pass on the various yoga/meditation practices to help individuals move toward the transcendent (i.e., to achieve their optimum physical, mental, spiritual well-being).

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