The camaraderie, love and easy relationship between father and daughter are obvious and the blending and contrast in styles has produced an exhibition of works that is a delight to the senses.

A former captain with Qantas, a master boat builder, house builder, potter and oil painter John Brown is joining with his daughter Joanna Davies to bring their work to you this April at the Percolator Gallery, Paddington. “We grew up in Brookfield. Mum and Dad were always doing things. Dad built a 40ft timber yacht in our back paddock. Mum and Dad built their own kiln and fired their own pottery. It was a beautiful, free way to grow up and I can’t imagine a life without art around me.”

John has been painting and exhibiting for over 50 years and this exhibition will mark the second time Father and Daughter have exhibited together. Joanna has sent more than 50 works around the world from Outback Queensland to the Greek Islands.

Johns works are quiet and beautiful and his handmade frames show the skill of a master craftsman. His work is heavily influenced by Klimt, Modigliani and Clifton Pugh. Joanna has been influenced in turn by her father and Australian Masters Fred Williams, Arthur Boyd and Frederick McCubben. “I love the light, sense of space and drama of the Australian greats.” I think they are every bit as important as the European Impressionists.” Joanna says “

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