“One thing I’ve tried to do in writing music is take on very basic things, very archetypal things.” – Harrison Birtwistle

Presented by Judith Wright Centre and Kupka’s Piano

Kupka’s Piano begins its 2016 season with the ‘elemental dynamism’ of British composer Harrison Birtwistle’s iconic piano-percussion duo The Axe Manual. Intricately rhythmic, fiendishly virtuosic, sometimes violent, other times playful, this work confronts and engages in equal measure.

Alongside this, Kupka’s presents the Australian premiere of Polish composer Jagoda Szmytka’s Just before after. Despite featuring at numerous international festivals in recent years, Szmytka’s dense and worldly sonic imagination has yet to reach Australian shores, and Kupka’s Piano is particularly thrilled to be presenting her Australian debut.

The concert will also feature the world premiere of not one but three new works, including new pieces by young Australian composers Liam Flenady and Jakob Bragg, and also by one of Kupka’s two flautists, Jodie Rottle.


Harrison Birtwistle (b. 1934) // The Axe Manual (2000)
Jodie Rottle (b. 1988) // New Work (2016) WORLD PREMIERE
Jakob Bragg (b. 1990) // New Work (2016) WORLD PREMIERE
Liam Flenady (b. 1987) // A New Day in the Desert (2015) WORLD PREMIERE
Jagoda Szmytka (b. 1982) // Just before after (2010) AUSTRALIAN PREMIERE

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