Sankofa is an Adinkra symbol from the ancient Ghanaian traditional beliefs depicted by a bird reaching its neck back towards it tail. Sankofa teaches us that before one can truly move forward, one must look back to the past.

Directed by Sidney Myer Creative Fellow, Appiah Annan, Asanti Dance Theatre explores the concept of Sankofa through a raw, intense and exciting approach to dance that draws on traditional West African movement fused with the contemporary influences of Australia.

Featuring incredible international guest artists from Ghana, combined with some of Australia’s most exciting afro-contemporary dancers and musicians, you will be blown away by the energy, connection to culture and extraordinary talent that these artists present. With undulating torsos, raw energy, exhilarating dance moves and phenomenal acrobatics fused with a combination of live and pre-recorded sound, Sankofa beautifully explores traditional and contemporary themes.

Join Asanti as they follow one man’s journey through the centuries and into the unknown, all the time under the watchful eye of Sankofa.