Don Juan is a feast of music and adventure, following the life of one of the most magnetic and seductive heroes in western literature, and his equally charismatic creator, Lord Byron.

Co-created by actor/writer/director Tama Matheson and acclaimed guitarist/actor Karin Schaupp, Don Juan weaves the poem, extracts of the author’s own life and the wonderfully evocative solo guitar music of Turina, Pujol, and Tarrega into a unique and memorable theatrical event.

Don Juan moves seamlessly between the steamy world of the lustful Don, and the equally scandalous life of Lord Byron himself, so that each becomes a reflection of the other. As the story progresses it grows difficult to tell where fact ends and fiction begins – as Byron himself famously put it, ‘truth is strange, stranger than fiction’. Byron’s epic poem is in fact a fictionalised autobiography and therefore marries perfectly with his own extraordinary life story.

Matheson and Schaupp are a formidable duo, creating a colourful tapestry of beautifully crafted words and virtuosic music of the highest calibre in this performance that scintillates with the romance, passion, humour and intrigue of one of the greatest adventure stories ever told.