Arj Barker is a hit with Australian audiences, so it’s just as well that Australia’s a hit with him! Get excited, gigglers, he’s returning to Brisbane with his brand new show, Get in My Head!

Supported by the talent of local comedian Joel Ozborn, Arj will be offering an exclusive peek at the inner workings of his mind. According to him, the space is occupied mostly by the mysteries of human evolution, unbidden bodily functions and fondue. Definitely fondue.

It’s been said that Arj has spent more time in our country of late than in his own. You’ve got until the 18th of October to come on down to the Powerhouse and see if his observation of our ways Down Under are close to the mark (but let’s be real, Brisbane, how could it be anything less than hilariously accurate?!)

Get your tickets secured as soon as is humanly possible, because they’re sure to sell out quickly!