Time to whip out your lederhosen and steins, it’s Oktoberfest time at Communal Bar & Eat House! Come over and get into the spirit of Oktoberfest on Friday the 25th of September, and share some amazing special food with your favourite people.

From long timber tables to the abundance of beer taps and barrels by the ‘Alehouse’ bar, Communal Bar and Eat House’s welcoming Brisbane venue was almost made to celebrate everyone’s favourite foreign holiday.

There’s more to Oktoberfest than the opening and closing weekends, so Communal are keeping the momentum (and the party) going mid-celebration, becoming a Bavarian beer house and serving up a number of German-inspired specials:Veal schnitzel with potato rosti, coleslaw, mushroom and sweet paprika sauce or Wood roasted bratwurst & cheese kransky with mash, sauerkraut, beer jus and mustard.

And don’t worry to those who are just in it for the party – pints will be flowing all night and the full menu is also available!

Location map: