Stretch Yoga Brisbane City is excited to welcome acclaimed international singer and yoga teacher, Toni Childs,
for a very special yoga class. Toni will lead a 90 minute yin-inspired yoga and meditation class which includes
live performances from her new album, ‘lt’s all a Beautiful Noise’, and Emmy awarding winning song ‘Because
You’re Beautiful’ from her 2008 album release ‘Keep the Faith’.
This unique yoga experience is a celebration of life. Combining movement, yoga, meditation and the ultimate
sound bath of live singing from Toni to bring us into alignment with the beauty of who we are.
“Each of us are beautiful, dynamic beings that are crying out to experience more self love, self appreciation,
and self care. My morning practice is a way to blast the doors off the hinges to our personal cages of
limitation, and engage in deepening our relationship with our ourselves.” Toni Childs

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