Where are you from? What brought you here? Where do you call home? This July 14 to 25, grab a cup and saucer and make yourself at home at Queensland Theatre Company’s next dynamo DIVA program performance, Home, which encourages spectators to become co-creators and share their stories of where they came from in this part-performance, part-installation and part-conversation theatre experience within the intimate surrounds of Studio 2, The GreenHouse.

This sensitive, affecting and intimate play written by, and starring Matilda Award-winning Brisbane theatremaker, actor, writer and psychotherapist, Margi Brown Ash, is co-directed and co-devised by Perth director Leah Mercer, and features an original live music and spoken score performed within a Perspex performance installation by Sydney composer and theatre practitioner, Margi’s son and Home co-star, Travis Ash.

The play, an original and experiential performance, lays bare Margi’s own personal yarns from an amazing life, weaving backwards and forwards through time and criss-crossing the globe in a moving and uplifting story of belonging and not belonging.

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