This comic masterpiece reveals the goings-on as a Z-list touring theatre company attempts to mount the somewhat dire bedroom farce, Nothing On.

Will two separate love triangles, a dipsomaniac, and lost contact lenses prevent the show from going on? In fact, with this cast of misfits, will the curtains even open?

It’s a classic British bedroom farce that will make you wonder how any show gets on stage. And what better show to mark Brisbane Arts Theatre’s 1,000th production?

Alex Lanham, President of Brisbane Arts Theatre said, “We have many milestones this year, including our 79th Birthday, 50 years of Children’s Theatre and our 1000th production. Noises Off is the perfect fit for show number 1000.”

“The first act is a rehearsal, and we see the actors making mistakes, getting the show ready for opening night. The second act is held a month after the first, and is actually seen from backstage” Mr Lanham continued. “It is a show I have been wanting to do for a long time, but the rotating set has always been challenging for our theatre. Our designers have worked out a way to make it work for us and it looks fantastic.”

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