If you’re looking to spend this Saturday with your mates for a less-than regimented ANZAC Day the Shafston’s Hotel’s Two Up and Tinnies Laneway Party is for you.

After a sucessful similar laneway event in earlier this year, the hotel is popping up the marquees this Saturday for a relaxed afternoon of local beers, ciders and good food. 

In the time-honoured Australian way, the day at the Shafston will begin with The Last Post and a rousing Two-Up tournament.

Meanwhile, street food vendors and outdoor bars will be lining the Shafston’s laneway and carpark for a chilled-out neighbourhood festival well into the evening.

The pop up food vendors who will be there include Gourmet BBQ, King of the Wings, and New York Dog.

Live music will also be on offer with acoustic sets from Mike Blundell, the Jake Whittaker Duo and Tuffy through the afternoon.

Retro Rehab, DJ Dastardly Kuts and DJ Sequel take over after sunset.



Location map: