Mira Oosterweghel’s new performative and sculptural exhibition Unstable Moments is going on display at The Metro Arts gallery.

The exhibit explores the body and its relationship to site and structures, partnering performer with sculpture.

Audiences will get the chance to witness performers defy gravity as they navigate sculptures stretching through the gallery.

Unstable Moments investigates how physical environment affects our bodies and physiological states, utilising repetitive gesture and play in conjunction with sculptural apparatuses.

Earlier this year Oosterweghel presented her work Uncomfortable Gesture at Adelaide Fringe Festival, walking away with the Eran Svigos Award for Best Visual Art.

The public will have the opportunity to engage in critical dialogue with Mira Oosterweghel as she discusses the evolution of her practice and the creation of the exhibition at a free artist talk at 5:30pm, prior to the opening.

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