Beerkary is a pop-up bakery borne from a desire to combine two of our favourite things — beer and baked goods. Each of their menus is inspired by the specific flavour profiles of matching beers, and often use the same hops and malts.

On Sunday 21 December, Beerkary Bakery will celebrate Christmas with Green Beacon Brewing in Newstead. The menu plays on some Christmas summer favourites and will match to seven beers by Green Beacon, including their new summer seasonal and a limited edition Christmas cake fusion.

Green Beacon will be putting Wayfarer USA through sweet brandy + sherry macerated Christmas cake fruits (orange peel, currants, raisins, cinnamon, nutmeg, glace cherries etc) to give a bit of a different twist on a wintery spiced Christmas beer. Used in the tradition of Belgian Witbiers, the spices will adds subtle aromatics to build complexity into the beer without overpowering it.

The Christmas menu and beer matches includes:


  • Grandpas whole wheat bread with honey-glazed Christmas pork jowl (matching to Anchor Amber)
  • Rye, barley & walnut loaf with stilton cheese & apricot (matching to Cross Knot Kolsch)
  • Malted macadamia nut bun with king prawns & hoppy herby mayo (matching to Grappler IPA)


  • 3 Bolt Pavlova (matching to 3 Bolt Pale Ale)
  • Chocolate & crystal malt fruit mince cookies (matching to Penny Porter)
  • “Australian Christmas cake” – Fruit cake lamington (matching to the Wayfarer + fruit cake infusion)
  • Passionfruit, pineapple & enigma hop beerclair (matching to summer seasonal: Scrimshaw IPA)

Location map: