La Macelleria in Teneriffe is offering a Gelato Workshop and we asked Matteo Zini, Mastro Gelatiere, to answer all our questions.

What is this gelato-making class all about?
Our Gelato Workshop is dedicated to those who approach the Gelato world for the first time. That includes a clear description of all the processes and the essential raw materials used for the production of Gelato. There is no specific knowledge or previous Gelato experience required.

When are the classes on?
The workshop takes place at La Macelleria (Shop 10 – 29 Florence Street, Teneriffe) from 5.30 or 6pm to about 7.30pm every Monday, alternating theoretical principles to practical exercises on the machines in the lab.

What do people learn in the class?
Here is our program and what we cover…
• What is Gelato – basic concepts and main differences between Gelato and ice cream
• Analysis of raw materials
• Stages of the production cycle and the necessary equipment
• Production of a couple of Gelato flavours

Do they get to eat and take home the gelato they make?
In the price is included 1L takeaway pack. Yum.

Should we call it gelati or gelato? What is the difference?
The main difference is between Gelato and Ice Cream. Gelati is just the plural of Gelato. Gelato should be an high quality product, made fresh everyday following an artisanal process. That’s what we do at La Macelleria. Ice cream is low quality product studied for industrial production and long storage.

What do you love most about teaching this skill to people?
In Australia most of the people think that ice cream is the translation of Gelato. Actually is a completly different product. It is not just something fresh and icy, it is a complex product which starts from the knowledge of the ingredients that you use to make it, a correct balance of them, the right process to produce it and proper way to store it. That’s what we call “Gelato experience”, it is what you can see in our shop in our exposed Laboratorio del Gelato. Gelato should not be considered a product that satisfies a functional need, but a real moment of hedonistic pleasure. It’s all about quality and it starts from the ingredients, continues through the process and it ends in your mouth. I really enjoy teaching people what’s behind the art of Gelato- making because it is our passion.

Is this a hard skill to learn? Do you need special equipment?
It is not easy to learn and you need real passion, a desire to learn everyday something new, discover new ingredients, try to make new recipes, etc. To make “the perfect Gelato” you need special equipment. Our LAB is fitted with the best technologies and italian brands synonymous with excellence and the art of making Gelato. But people can produce Gelato at home as well, with a simple machine! That’s how we started, making Gelato at home with an old machine that my grandmother used to have.

Your favourite flavour and why?
Our favourite flavour is Crema Bologna because is a typical flavour from our city. Crema was a classic dessert made by our grandmothers and recalls our childhood. A full and sophisticated taste thanks to the combination of aromas given by lemon peel and vaniglia.

Who would you most like to make a gelato flavour for and what flavour would it be?
We would like to make a special flavour for our Master, Giacomo from the gelato shop in Bologna “Sorbetteria Castiglione”. We would like to make a flavour which it will make him speachless but we are still thinking about that.

Anything else we need to know? We are also official demonstrator for Australia of Iceteam1927, the historical Company that produce our machine in Bologna and we will be in Melbourne at Fine Foods Expo next week making gelato for them.

Find La Macelleria on facebook or head into the store Shop 10 – 29 Florence Street, Teneriffe.

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