This year’s Valley Fiesta will expand to include the Valley Swap Shoppe.

Brisbane City Council and Undress Runways will present the Valley Swap Shoppe at the Main Stage road closure on Saturday 23 August from 10am.

This will be Brisbane’s biggest pop-up fashion exchange. These exchanges were originally conceived by Rachel Smith and Edda Hamar from TEDx Kurilpa — you just bring along five items of clothing you don’t wear anymore, and swap them for something pre-loved or vintage from the closets of fellow fashionistas.

Essentially, it’s a fun and sustainable way to recycle clothes you no longer wear, and pick up some new pieces in the process.

How it works

  1. With each item, please bring a clothes hanger.
  2. ‘Check in’ your clothes in between 10am and 12pm.
  3. When you check in your clothes, you’ll get shopping tokens to swap for other garments when the shop opens at 12pm.
  4. When you ‘check out’ of the event, you just hand in your tokens and show the clothes you have taken.

The rules

  • You can bring anywhere from 1-5 items to swap.
  • Underwear/lingerie, nightwear/pyjamas and swimwear will not be accepted.
  • Garments will only be accepted if they are clean, undamaged and unsoiled.
  • If you bring five items but don’t find five items to take home, then grab a few garments for a friend, as your garments may not still be available to take home. That is, after all, the whole point of the event!
  • Bring a bag to put your newly found treasures in to take home.
  • If there are any garments left at the end, they’ll be donated to Vinnies and Lifeline.

The Valley Swap Shoppe is part of Valley Fiesta 2014, an all-ages, free event that runs from Saturday 23 August to Sunday 24 August.

Location map: