Riley Lee began playing the Shakuhachi in Japan in 1971, and given the rank of Dai Shihan (Grand Master) in 1980.

In the Edo period (1600 – 1868) playing the shakuhachi was the primary meditative practice of a sect of Zen Buddhist monks, who called themselves ‘komuso’ (priests of nothingness).

For these Zen monks the shakuhachi was a spiritual tool, not a musical instrument. They also knew that the act of playing the shakuhachi relaxed the mind and body in many ways, and subsequently aided their meditation and contemplation.

Studies with traditional teachers in Japan have included such methods as practicing barefoot in the snow, blowing into his flute under water falls, and in blizzards until icicles formed at its end.

Riley has performed in Japan, Hawaii, New Mexico, Texas, California, England, Austria. Switzerland and throughout Australia. Over fifty commercially released recordings have been sold worldwide.

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