No longer a stuffy old drink, tea is fast becoming the beverage of choice for many who prefer the taste and health benefits that it offers. Yet, how well do you know your tea?

In this short course your instructor, the Chief Tea Guru from Slurp, will take you on a tantalizing adventure including:

  • Green with Envy – 4000 years with our favourite leaf
  • Teaism – Learn all about the major tea varieties including white, green, oolong, black, herbal (tisanes) and rooibos
  • Dazed and Infused – How to prepare all the different types of tea including selecting the best water, understanding the effects of water temperature and selecting the best teapot for your tea. Which infuser to use metal, silicone or tea bag – How different infusers can lead to very different tea tastes
  • First Flush – Experience the champagne of teas: the Darjeeling First Flush. This is a complex tea that is the most prized tea in the world
  • To Sip or Slurp? – How to appreciate tea like a connoisseur including drinking a flight of flowering tea

You will also get to sample the tea as you go too!

Location map: