You don’t realise how lucky you are that you had the option to leave…

Seemingly trapped in this cheap, dysfunctional hotel, a misfit group of individuals are given the chance to find themselves. A distressing situation, border lining on the insane, helps to rekindle desire between two lost lovers. When the option to leave is taken away, the shadow of doubt grows hungry in a young couple’s embrace. A widow’s grip starts to weaken on the lurid life of her daughter. Amidst this all, exists the ‘stranger’… who seems all too familiar with the ways of the building.

Brisbane-based contemporary theatre group, Basement Arts, will inject a unique energy to award-winning playwright Daniel Keene’s Life Without Me. Combining off-beat humour and tangled emotions with their abstract interpretation of the piece, you won’t want to leave the musty smells, the broken lift or the quirky characters behind.

‘Life Without Me’ will be playing at Metro Arts from May 1 – 3, 2014. To buy tickets online visit: