‘Transparent’ explores the breadth and diversity of watercolours held in the Gallery’s Collection.

It demonstrates the medium’s important role in Queensland’s visual history from its earliest colonial beginnings. The 1980s is considered by some to be watercolour’s most exuberant and expressionistic decade following an intense period of creativity in the 1960s and 1970s.

The exhibition falls into major groupings: the early colonial era and late nineteenth century, modern watercolour developments in the early twentieth century, the challenges of World War Two, and the more recent development of a local strain of expressionism. The unique qualities of the medium are revealed in the considerable achievements of Queensland’s watercolour artists who occupy a significant place in the history of Australian art.

Artists featured in this exhibition include Conrad Martins, Harriet Jane Neville-Rolfe, JJ Hilder, Vida Lahey, Kenneth Macqueen, WG Grant, Joe Rootsey and Joy Roggenkamp.

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