Please join us on Saturday 15 March at 9.30am for the official exhibition opening of the 2012 Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award and Travelling Without a Camera with special guest Jude McBean from Grafton Regional Gallery.

The Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award or JADA is a by-annual award run by the Grafton Regional Gallery. Acquisitions from the JADA enter the Gallery’s nationally recognized collection of Australian contemporary drawing. The works are then packaged up and toured for two years to regional galleries around Australia.

Travelling Without a Camera. I know that when I travel with a camera I tend to rely on it to collect visual memories. Without a camera, I look harder. I sketch landscapes, I collect small souvenirs, I do studies in paint and I desperately scribble notes in an effort to lock into my brain details that I suspect that I’ll want to revisit later. Physical records, even when they are small and done in difficult circumstances seem to talk aloud to me when I stumble across them later in the studio. “Remember that…” “Here’s an idea…” “Why didn’t you…”? That’s when I start to prepare canvases.

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