This six week course will blend skills in photography, microscopy, and Photoshop, with pattern making, sewing and draping. Week by week you’ll learn how to prepare biological samples for viewing under a microscope, and how to use a microscope to photograph the results. You’ll then learn how to take these images, import them into Photoshop and manipulate them to create a psychedelic, repeating pattern for your fabric.

While your fabric designs are off at the printer you’ll knuckle down in front of a Bernina and learn to sew. It’s then on to pattern making with your facilitator to create a suitable design for your garment. The final weeks will be spent draping, arranging, pinning, cutting and stitching as your design takes shape, transforming into the newest addition to your wardrobe.

This Fashion and Science course is for anyone interested in fashion, arts, crafts and experimentation!

Registration for this course includes six mandatory sessions, as listed below:

11 March 2014- 6pm to 8pm
20 March 2014- 6pm to 8pm
25 March 2014- 6pm to 8pm
30 March 2014- 1pm to 5pm
6 April 2014- 1pm to 5pm
19 April 2014- 1pm to 6pm

Booking for this event is essential, inquire on The Edge website.

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The cost of this course ($199) is inclusive of the 6 week course plus a one-on-one session and a ticket to a Clever Convention.





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