Murder and mystery comes to Beenleigh!  Agatha Christie’s highly successful and award-winning play, Witness for the Prosecution, comes to the Crete Street Theatre, Beenleigh.

Beenleigh Theatre Group is excited to open its 2014 season with this thrilling court room drama, enthralling audiences from Friday 28 February.

Guilty or not guilty?  This is a plot full of nail biting twists that will keep you guessing at every turn.  Witness for the Prosecution tells the story of Leonard Vole, young, charming and accused of a callous crime – the murder of an older woman for her money.  As evidence builds, pointing to Leonard’s guilt, will justice prevail?  Can the shrewd and brilliant barrister, Sir Wilfred Robards, save Leonard from the gallows?

Can you decide “whodunit” before Sir Wilfred, the jury and the last curtain?  Join Beenleigh Theatre Group for a memorable evening at the Crete Street Theatre as our skilful cast and crew transports you from Beenleigh to the Old Bailey, London.

Witness for the Prosecution plays Crete Street Theatre Beenleigh from Friday 28 February to Saturday 15 March.