Lost Creatures introduces you to some of Queensland’s long-lost inhabitants, including dinosaurs, giant marine reptiles and megafauna.

Meet some of their state’s inhabitants from millions of years ago and marvel at their diversity and immense size. Find out about the challenges they faced at a time of great upheaval and change.

Featuring some of their most significant fossil finds, their famous Muttaburrasaurus reconstruction and new 3D modelling of Queensland dinosaurs, this is a larger than life exhibition you won’t want to miss!

New 3D digital models of dinosaurs and megafauna, a full-size reconstruction of a Rhoetosaurus hind leg (over 2 metres tall!), sections of dinosaur footprints from Lark Quarry that have never been displayed before, multimedia displays showing selected Queensland dinosaurs at their full size, touchable fossil of an unidentified marine reptile.

Now showing on Level 2. Free admission.

Location map: