International Angelman Day – the second anniversary!

The Angelman Syndrome Association of Australia has launched a nationwide campaign to find Australia’s 1000 “missing” members.

It is estimated there are more than 1000 people in Australia with Angelman Syndrome, but fewer than 200 are registered, with fears people with this rare genetic condition could be missing out on vital support due to the lack of diagnosis and awareness, so the association hopes to find the missing members and raise awareness on 15 February for International Angelman Day. Find out more in our article on Angelman Syndrome here.

Last year’s was cancelled due to an imminent rain forecast. Bring your Angel, Family and friends to celebrate the day.

Please feel free to bring your own lunch and maybe a plate to share. Any wet weather suggestions welcome.

Diagnosing the Syndrome is getting much better but there are still a lot of ‘Angels’ slipping through the cracks – What better way to raise awareness.

Hoping to see as many beautiful ‘Angels’ as possible! Any questions please call Lysandra on 0413332509. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Location map: