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Spider-Man swings into Starbucks

Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man gave these unsuspecting Starbucks customers the shock of their lives. With…

Last Jedi Apple IIc


See the new Star Wars trailer remade on a 1984 Apple computer

Ever wondered what the latest blockbuster trailer would look like if it had been created on a vintage Apple IIc from…

Moby Mart


The supermarket of the future will come to you

Moby Mart, “the supermarket that comes to you”, is roaming the streets of Shanghai. Created by Wheelys…



Two elephants save a baby elephant from drowning

The world’s cutest lifeguards are on duty. ABC News reports that two adult elephants have rescued an elephant…

Adam West


Watch the show that should have revived Adam West’s career

The late, great Adam West is beloved for his role as Batman — but he should be just as well known for playing Ty…

Orange is the New Snack


Sesame Street snacks on Orange is the New Black

Sesame Street goes to Litchfield for this G-rated parody of the adults-only Netflix show. Just in time for the…



This mad genius turned his microwave into a playable video game console

Need to kill a couple of minutes while you’re waiting for your dinner to heat up? The Play-o-Wave has got you…

Happy Lab


Watch this happy lab take over a news broadcast

An ecstatic black lab has brought some much-needed positivity to the news. A broadcast by Russian news channel MIR 24…



Remembering Roger Moore in his own words

Much-loved English actor Roger Moore, who made a name for himself as a suave spy in The Saint before taking on the…

Sea lion


Sea lion drags girl underwater

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water… When it comes to danger in the ocean, the humble sea…

Maddie waiting for the beat to drop


Baby waits for the beat to drop

If you love Uptown Funk, you’ll be able to relate to this baby. The baby, identified only as 'Maddie', is taking…

Jurassic Park


Visual effects artist goes all out to sell his ’96 Suziki Vitara

Visual effects artist Eugene Romanovsky really, really wants someone to take this car off his hands. Romanovsky's…

Blade Runner 2049


This Blade Runner 2049 trailer will make you a believer

Can Blade Runner 2049 deliver on 35 years of anticipation? Probably. Following a teaser earlier this year, the first rea…

Princess Leia's Stolen Death Star Plans


Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band meets Star Wars in brilliant mash-up

Just in time for Star Wars Day, parody duo Palette-Swap Ninja have just dropped what might be the greatest mash-up of al…

House of Cards


Frank Underwood is back

Ready or not, House of Cards is back this month, and the trailer is here. When the fourth season of House of Cards…

Watch and cringe while this robot plays the knife game


Watch and cringe while this robot plays the knife game

This is pretty high up there on the list of things you shouldn’t try at home, kids. The maniacs at Irfon Automatio…

Hot Gun


This Jeopardy! answer is hilariously wrong

Even if you only have the faintest idea of how Jeopardy! works, you could have come up with a better answer than this…

Snake jump


Watch this snake strike at a motorcyclist

Damn, nature! A terrifying moment has been captured on camera in Lampang, in northern Thailand. The video, filmed by a…