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Boomshakalaka! Brisbane is getting an NBA Jam tournament

Brisbane is heating up. It's time to put your wasted youth to good use. Netherworld, Fortitude Valley's popular arcade…

Super Mario Odyssey


Watch Mario possess a dinosaur in the insane Super Mario Odyssey trailer

Annual video game conference E3 is on now, and a dinosaur wearing Mario’s hat has stolen our hearts. All sorts…



This mad genius turned his microwave into a playable video game console

Need to kill a couple of minutes while you’re waiting for your dinner to heat up? The Play-o-Wave has got you…


Things to do

Regurgitator to play a special anniversary show at EB Expo

Brisbane legends Regurgitator will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their groundbreaking Unit LP with a one-off show…

1UP Arcade

Things to do

Brisbane’s largest retro arcade set to open in May

1UP Arcade, Morningside’s new retro gaming mecca, will be opening its doors soon. As we revealed back in March, th…

Scum & Villainy

Things to do

Brisbane gets its own Star Wars celebration

Star Wars fans from around the world are converging on Orlando this weekend for Lucasfilm’s annual Star Wars…

Cafe de SOYT


Get your geek on at Cafe de SOYT

Brisbane’s new coffee house for geeks and gamers opens this weekend. Eskabar Page, a self-professed geek and coffe…

1UP Arcade

Things to do

Morningside is getting a massive retro arcade

1UP Arcade will launch in April with around 80 playable games and an innovative all-you-can-play offering. Leave your…

Super Combo


A Street Fighter-themed burger joint is opening in Brisbane

HADOUKEN! Australia’s first Super Combo burger joint will open on King Street at the Brisbane Showgrounds. King…

EB Expo

Things to do

Australia’s biggest gaming event returns to Queensland

The EB Expo will come home to the Gold Coast this year. Video games retailer EB Games launched the EB Expo on the Gold…

Netherworld Little Monsters


Netherworld hosts a morning for little monsters

Fortitude Valley’s new arcade bar and diner, Netherworld, is hosting a morning of fun for tiny terrors and their…

Super Mario Rubik's Cube


Mama Mia! Mario comes to life with Rubik’s Cubes

Hey, here’s something that isn’t wildly depressing — it’s Mario animated by Rubik’s Cubes!…

Mario Kart 64

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Are you Brisbane’s Mario Kart 64 champion?

Start stocking up on mushrooms, banana peels and Koopa shells — Brisbane’s ultimate Mario Kart 64 champion is abou…

Tales From The Crypt


Brisbane is getting an epic new arcade bar

Fortitude Valley is about to level up. Brisbane's resident pinball wizard James Angliss and beer lovers Ben Nichols…


Brisbane Extra

12 tips for becoming a Pokémon Go Master

So, you want to be the very best? Like no one ever was? Problem is, you’re not yet? Well, as they say, catching them…


Brisbane Extra

Brisbane goes wild for Pokemon Go

It’s Squirtle’s world, we’re just living in it. If you're wondering what's been filling your social…

Fruit Ninja

Brisbane Extra

Brisbane video game gets the Hollywood treatment

A video game developed in Brisbane that has been downloaded over one billion times is being adapted into a live-action…

Tony Hawk

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Brisbane gets its own Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Tribute Night

Never ones to shy away from an opportunity to capitalise on angsty teenage nostalgia, the folks at The Foundry have…