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Last Jedi Apple IIc


See the new Star Wars trailer remade on a 1984 Apple computer

Ever wondered what the latest blockbuster trailer would look like if it had been created on a vintage Apple IIc from…

Johnny Mnemonic

Brisbane Extra

Brisbane is getting a VR film festival

We’re all going to look ridiculous together at the Australian Virtual Reality Film Festival. Virtual reality…

Moby Mart


The supermarket of the future will come to you

Moby Mart, “the supermarket that comes to you”, is roaming the streets of Shanghai. Created by Wheelys…



How to hail a flying taxi

The future is almost here. Vahana, the on-demand aviation project operated by Airbus, has released this glimpse at…


Things to do

Help shape the future at the BrisMakerFest

We’ve seen the future, and it works. Brisbanites will have a unique opportunity to see, shape and share new…



This mad genius turned his microwave into a playable video game console

Need to kill a couple of minutes while you’re waiting for your dinner to heat up? The Play-o-Wave has got you…


Things to do

Regurgitator to play a special anniversary show at EB Expo

Brisbane legends Regurgitator will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their groundbreaking Unit LP with a one-off show…


Things to do

Brisbane goes back to the future at Myriad Festival

Brisbane’s new festival of technology and culture will put the eyes of the world on the River City. Designed by…

DRU Assist


Domino’s takes its first steps into Artificial Intelligence

After unveiling the world’s first pizza delivery robot in Brisbane last year, the Domino’s pizza chain is taking…



Japan’s new mascot is a flying drone puppy

The humble town of Oji in Nara Prefecture has come up with a novel way to challenge big cities like Tokyo, Osaka and…


Brisbane Extra

InkSpin puts QPAC and Hyundai on the big screen

Brisbane-based company InkSpin has delivered a big result for Hyundai and QPAC’s partnership. InkSpin has been…

Extreme VR

Brisbane Extra

A VR arcade has popped up in Brisbane

You can experience the sensation of virtual reality in Brisbane without splashing out on a headset of your own. Tech…


Motoring News & Reviews

A Turkish company just built a real-life Transformer

All hail Letron! A Turkish research and development team have converted a BMW 3 Series coupe into a real-life…

The Grace way is the right way


The Grace way is the right way

Choosing a secondary school for your child is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a parent, so you’ve…


Brisbane Extra

Crowdfunding raises more than $40,000 for victims of Paddington house fire

A crowdfunding page for the tenants of a Paddington home that was destroyed by fire on the weekend has already raised…



Sphero taps into the power of the Force

Robotics company Sphero have unlocked the secrets of the Force with their new toys — and they hope it’ll lead…



Japan’s new robot is pure nightmare fuel

Well, this is definitely going to end well. The abomination in the Japan Times video above is Alter, a robot that runs…

Pokemon Police Car


Pokémon Go player catches a police car with his SUV

This, friends, is why you don’t play Pokémon Go and drive. A Baltimore man is making international headlines…