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Ramen Kabuto


A samurai chef serves ramen at this Japanese restaurant

The owner of Ramen Kabuto loves two things — ramen, and the Sengoku feudal period. If you're a tourist in Japan,…

Super Nintendo World


Take your first look at Nintendo’s theme park

Does anyone know where we can find a warp pipe to Japan? Super Nintendo World, the Nintendo-themed expansion of Universa…

Samurai Age


You can buy samurai armour for your pets now

Japanese company Samurai Age has filled a gap in the market we didn’t even know existed. Before today, it never…

My Neighour Totoro


Studio Ghibli is opening a new theme park in Japan

Step aside, Ghibli Museum — there’s a new Ghibli-themed attraction in town. According to an Anime News Network…


In the Garden

Brisbane is getting a bonsai exhibition

The traditional Japanese art of bonsai will be celebrated at an exhibition in Brisbane. A Japanese tradition dating…



Watch this cat dominate the shell game

Move the cups as often as you want — this clever cat in Japan will always find the ball. Meet Snow, a…



Japan’s new mascot is a flying drone puppy

The humble town of Oji in Nara Prefecture has come up with a novel way to challenge big cities like Tokyo, Osaka and…

Finger snaps


Watch a man break the world record for finger snapping

Meet Satoyuki Fujimura, a Japanese student who can snap his fingers 296 times in one minute. Fujimura performed his…

Chocolate shoes


These chocolate shoes are actually edible

Well, we know what we want for Valentine’s Day. The Rihga Royal Hotel in Osaka has just taken the love of chocolat…

Get stomped on by Godzilla at Universal Studios Japan


Get stomped on by Godzilla at Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios in Japan has released the first trailer for its wild new 4D Godzilla ride. A brand new 4D Godzilla…

Dominos reindeer


Domino’s Japan is training reindeer to deliver pizza

If all goes to plan, actual reindeer will be delivering pizza in Japan for the holidays. A test period for reindeer pizz…

Spa coaster


Japan wants to open the world’s strangest theme park

The Japanese city of Beppu is attempting to open a spa-musement park, including an onsen roller coaster. If you've…

John Boyega

Brisbane Extra

Brisbane becomes Tokyo for John Boyega’s new movie

Eagle Street in Brisbane will be transformed into Tokyo for the next blockbuster to be filmed in Queensland. Pacific Rim…

Ghost in the Shell


The Ghost in the Shell trailer electrifies fans

Scarlett Johansson has appeared at a special launch event in Tokyo to debut the first trailer for her highly…

Tokyo Bay


The best city in the world is…

More than 100,000 votes have been cast, and the winner has been revealed. Condé Nast Traveler received 100,000 votes fro…

Tsukiji Wonderland

Things to do

Japanese Film Festival returns to Brisbane

Now in its 20th year, the Japanese Film Festival will shine the spotlight on the best of Japanese culture. The…

Japanese artisan Akiko Ike brings craft creations to Brisbane

Things to do

Japanese artisan Akiko Ike brings craft creations to Brisbane

Japanese artisan Akiko Ike is bringing her distinctive ‘chiku chiku’ needlework to Brisbane as part of this year’s…

The Fashion Press


This Kit Kat Museum is the perfect excuse to visit Japan

Love Kit Kats? Looking for a ridiculous reason to go on holiday? Tokyo’s new Kit Kat Museum has got you covered.…