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Girl holding globe

Health & Fitness

The best (and worst) countries to be a woman

The best thing about being a woman, according to a new report from Save the Children, is the prerogative to move to…

Spice Girls Project Everyone


This Spice Girls cover has real Girl Power

On the 20th anniversary of the Spice Girls’ debut single, Wannabe, the track has been repurposed by a new…

Feminist satire <em>We Get It</em> fires shots at the entertainment industry

Things to do

Feminist satire We Get It fires shots at the entertainment industry

Reality TV meets feminism in We Get It, the latest hilarious satire from Melbourne’s Elbow Room theatre company.…

Mad men boycott <em>Mad Max</em>

Brisbane Extra

Mad men boycott Mad Max

Men’s right activists are calling for a boycott of the new post-apocalyptic film Mad Max: Fury Road, labeling it…

Tina Fey strips off her last fancy dress

Brisbane Extra

Tina Fey strips off her last fancy dress

Not everyone can have that perfect hourglass shape, and Spanx can be a girl’s best friend. But Tina Fey has had…

Jen Kirkman


Jen Kirkman can take care of herself

“When this article comes out,” US comic Jen Kirkman says towards the end of our interview, “I will…


Brisbane Extra

Coca-Cola slammed for ‘sexist’ ad campaign

Coca-Cola has been forced to distance itself from ads for its new milk drink that have been slammed as…

Drunk girl social experiment


Men filmed taking advantage of ‘drunk’ girl in public

Well, this is pretty terrifying. A video purporting to be a ‘social experiment’ has caught out men trying…

New Zealand Catcalling Video


Watch what happens when an Auckland woman walks down the street for 10 hours

The New Zealand Herald has recorded their own take on last week’s infamous New York street harassment video. The…

Bavarian Beer Cafe

Brisbane Extra

Bavarian Bier Cafe pulls controversial ad

The Bavarian Bier Cafe has reportedly withdrawn their controversial #BestRack campaign. The restaurant chain had been…

Bavarian Beer Cafe

Brisbane Extra

Does this ad offend you?

The Bavarian Bier Cafe has been slammed for treating women like meat in their latest advertisement, and for attempting t…

Joseph Gordon-Levitt


What does feminism mean to you?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn’t just a high-profile actor — he’s also a feminist. Gordon-Levitt has given…