QPAC is offering free outdoor dance classes to celebrate the arrival of The Royal Ballet!

QPAC’s Let’s Dance program is your chance to strut your stuff, with free dance classes celebrating a variety of cultures and styles from around the globe.

The series of 15 classes will take place in QPAC’s winter garden, and will include everything from samba (with instructors from Mad Dance House) to Bollywood (Dance Masala).

Other styles on offer will include corroboree (Nunukal Yuggera), yoga with live music (Core Yoga & Nonsemble), tai chi (Australian Academy of Tai Chi), swing (Corner Pocket Swing), ballroom (Orchards Ballroom), line dancing (Dallas Line Dancing) and hip hop (Elements Collective).

There’ll even be sessions for kids with Swarm Studios, and seated sessions with Ripe Dance.

Mad Dance House will also be offering a free class on ‘Hollywood’ dancing, so you’ll finally be able to dance along with your favourite vintage musicals.

Let’s Dance classes will run at QPAC’s Melbourne Street Green from Thursday 29 June to Sunday 9 July. All classes are free and open to all ages. For the full program, visit qpac.com.au.

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