It’s official — pizza, pasta and gelato must be good for you.

Well, okay, that might not be official, but Italy has been named the healthiest country in the world in the latest Bloomberg Global Health Index.

A baby born in Italy today can expect to live to be an octogenarian, a fact the report attributes to a diet rich in vegetables and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, and “an excess of doctors” in the community.

The result comes despite a struggling economy. Almost 40 per cent of Italian youngsters are unemployed, and the country has one of the world’s highest debt loads, relative to the size of its economy.

Italians are in much better shape than Americans, who suffer from higher blood pressure and cholesterol and poorer mental health, leading the US to come in at number 34 on the list.

Each of the 163 countries in the index are graded on variables such as life expectancy, causes of death and health risks ranging from high blood pressure and tobacco use to malnutrition and the availability of clean water.

Iceland, Switzerland, Singapore and Australia rounded out the top five — a great result for us, considering Australia also cracked the top 10 of the UN’s list of the world’s happiest countries last week.

The world’s healthiest countries, according to the Bloomberg Global Health Index

  1. Italy
  2. Iceland
  3. Switzerland
  4. Singapore
  5. Australia
  6. Spain
  7. Japan
  8. Sweden
  9. Israel
  10. Luxembourg
  11. Norway
  12. Austria
  13. Netherlands
  14. France
  15. Finland
  16. Germany
  17. Canada
  18. Cyprus
  19. New Zealand
  20. Greece
  21. Portugal
  22. Ireland
  23. UK
  24. South Korea
  25. Malta
  26. Belgium
  27. Slovenia
  28. Denmark
  29. Chile
  30. Czech Republic
  31. Cuba
  32. Lebanon
  33. Costa Rica
  34. United States of America
  35. Croatia
  36. Qatar
  37. Brunei
  38. Estonia
  39. Poland
  40. Bahrain
  41. Maldives
  42. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  43. United Arab Emirates
  44. Macedonia
  45. Uruguay
  46. Slovakia
  47. Barbados
  48. Oman
  49. Panama
  50. Albania

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