A picture of a 60-year-old woman posing in a bikini has gone viral – and for good reason.

The picture has been the talk of health and fitness gurus from all over the world, after the 60-year-old’s daughter posted the pic up on her blog, The Healthy Mummy.

The picture shows blogger, Rhian Allen and her 60-year-old mother, Eryl Jones posing next to a pool – and Eryl doesn’t look a day over 30.


via The Healthy Mummy blog

Of course, everybody who wants to wear a bikini has a “bikini body”, and everyone should be proud of theirs — but hot damn, we’d be stoked to look like Eryl Jones at 60.

The picture has had women from around the world asking the retired social worker for advice and her secret for maintaining such youthful looks.

“It’s just so nice and surprising to get positive feedback like this but I just do what I’ve always done I guess… I’ve always been interested in nutrition and healthy living, it started from a young age,” Eryl told Daily Mail Australia.

“I think sensible eating and embracing moderation really pays off… when it comes to diets I think there can be too much emphasis on quick fixes.”

“But what I really like is a natural and holistic approach to health.”

Eryl has lived off a plant–based diet for years, but says she’s not a complete vegetarian and loves seafood. She also loves treating herself now and again.

“My guilty pleasure is definitely dark chocolate, I absolutely love it,” she says.

“I do love a glass of red wine too. I’m lucky because it’s the only alcohol I like, but I do try to keep two days a week free without alcohol.”

via Healthy Mummy blog

via The Healthy Mummy blog

For health and wellbeing, Eryl says she tries to keep moving every day and meditates twice a week.

“I am a very keen walker. I am from Wales and I live up the hills so we have amazing walks and views locally and I walk a lot,” she says.

“I don’t run marathons or anything but I like to keep moving and for the last couple of decades I’ve been doing upper body exercises with weights to maintain my muscle tone.”

To prevent sun spots, wrinkles and blemishes, Eryl takes very good care of her skin wearing sunscreen every day, even in the winter.

“The only way of not ageing is dying young so I am very grateful and proud of my age and really glad to have got here. I’m a healthy granny and I hope to be a healthy great-granny one day, too,” she says.