From getting fried in the sun to swatting flies away from your food, Summer can be a real pain.

A new study from Think Insulation has revealed the things that really make our blood boil in the hottest part of the year – and they’re sure to get you all fired up!

Sweating before you’ve even left the house

We’ve all been there; you shower, get dressed for work and 5 minutes into eating your Weetbix you’re in need of a new shirt. If you get peeved off by this one, you’re not alone, 72% of Australians say it’s their biggest Summer annoyance.

Sweaty sheets

Rolling around all night, kicking the blankets off then putting them back on again, sticking your head in the fridge at 2am just to cool down, yep that’s what Queensland summer will do to you! In fact, 53% of Queenslanders find it too hot to get a proper night’s sleep in Summer due to the high temperatures.

High temps inside

You have the aircon on full blast, but sometimes it’s even hotter inside the home than out! 55% of us Queenslander believe the most important room to keep cool is the bedroom. Do you agree?

Getting bugged by insects

No one likes unwelcome guests invading their barbecue, and flies are the worse offenders. The growing presence of bugs and flies in Summer annoys 52% of us – we’re surprised it’s not more!


Coming in at a close number 5, mosquitoes are another insect that we just can’t stand. Somebody pass us the insect repellent!

Keeping cool and comfortable at home

The heat can make everyday tasks unnecessarily difficult! Getting your makeup to look right in the morning can be a challenge on the best of days, but in the middle of Summer? Forget it!

Unless you enjoy wearing eyeliner on your cheeks and foundation on your collar, 67% of women in Queensland feel frustrated about makeup slipping off their face while 55% also have to deal with frizzy hair nightmares. First world problems guys!

High electricity bills

Even if you are lucky enough to have air conditioning, you will still be left with the pain of paying a massive power bill in summer! 31% of us have experienced this problem.

Too hot to cook

The last thing any of us want to do in this weather is slave over a hot stove. Maybe a good excuse to hit the drive thru in the safety of your air-conditioned car?


There’s always that one friend who gets burned to a crisp every time you go to the beach, or camping or just outside in general. At this time of year it’s more important than ever to slip, slop, slap, seek and slide. Have the SPF 50+ on hand at all times and why not invest in a beach tent or umbrella for next time you hit the coast?

Tap confusion

Has it ever been so hot at your house that your cold tap ran hot? Yep, it happens! Could save you time boiling the kettle, then again, no ones wants a hot cup of cordial.

Did we leave any out? What’s your biggest Summer pet peeve?