A recent poll by the Dietician’s Association of Australia has revealed the worst diets in the country — and the findings might just surprise you.

The organisation polled over 200 nutrition experts, to find out which fad diets they considered to be the worst. Out of 11 popular diets in the survey, the results found three of worst to be the Lemon Detox Diet, SkinnyMe Tea and the Ashy Bines Bikini Challenge.

In first place is the Lemon Detox Diet with 68 per cent of dieticians voting against it. This is the third year in a row it’s been at the top of the leader board – for all the wrong reasons. And no wonder why.

The diet which is designed to cleanse the body of toxins, consists of drinking eight glasses of lemon flavoured water a day for 10 days – and that’s in substitute of meals. What ever happened to good old fashioned eating right and exercising?

Dietician’s Association of Australia spokesperson and Accredited Practising Dietician, Melanie McGrice told Body and Soul the problem with detox diets such as Lemon Detox and SkinnyMe tea (similar to the Lemon Detox) is that you don’t lose fat. Anything lost is usually fluid, healthy gut bacteria and electrolytes – all things that keep your body healthy.

Ashy Bines’ Bikini Challenge also topped the ‘not so great’ scale with 32 per cent of nutritionists voting against her program. According to Melanie, the program misses out on whole food groups, which isn’t healthy. The program, which was developed by bikini model Bines (who has no nutritional qualifications) eliminates dairy and only allows one piece of fruit to be consumed a day.

So if we’re wanting to go on a diet, what should we do?

Melanie says Aussies should aim for realistic and achievable goals that can be hit every day, such as trying to eat more veggies and cutting back on alcohol.

She also advises people to follow the quarter-quarter-half rule, which means having one quarter of a plate of low GI carbohydrates, a quarter of lean protein and half a plate of vegetables in different colours.

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