Mother of disgraced wellness blogger Belle Gibson wants people to leave her daughter alone.

Natalie Dal-Bello, who previously condemned her daughter’s widespread deceit, has backtracked by saying that people are allowed to tell “little porky-pies”.

Dal-Bello is trying to reconnect with her estranged daughter and grandson and believes everyone should just leave her daughter alone.

“It is time everyone moves on from this and allows Belle to grow and be a mother to her little boy. She should be left alone so she can get her life back on track,” she has told The Herald Sun.

Just a couple of months ago, Dal-Bello’s had a very different reaction to stories of her daughter’s lies. Gibson had not only lied about her cancer, but also about her brother and mother suffering debilitating medical conditions. At the time Dal-Bello said she was “deeply hurt and incredibly upset” by the lies. She slammed Gibson’s claims that her compulsive lying was due to her troubled childhood and told The Australian Women’s Weekly she was “embarrassed” by her daughter and that Gibson had “never cared for her family”.

Gibson, creator of The Whole Pantry app and book first came on the scene with promises of helping people treat their cancer. She gained a following after claiming she was treating her own ‘terminal brain cancer’ through healthy eating and living coupled with alternative therapies.

Earlier this year The Australian published news that Gibson had been lying about her diagnosis and she’d never had cancer. From there her lies started to unravel and it was revealed that she’d tricked many cancer sufferers into believing her treatment methods were legitimate and successful. She was also found to have raised money on behalf of five charities, all of which could find no donations from her at all.

In an interview with Tara Brown on 60 Minutes Gibson said she had been deceived about her cancer along with the rest of the world. She claimed it was extremely traumatising to find out she was lied to. However, in an interview with The Australian Woman’s Weekly she admitted that none of her cancer claims were true.

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