A new study has found that a significant number of working women are taking sick days because of PMS.

According to a new study by health brand Cleanmarine, period pain is having a major impact on working women’s wellbeing.

The total number of sick days taken every year in the UK because of PMS is 17 million.

That’s a lot of sickies!

The study surveyed 2,000 women aged 18 and over and found that a third of women take four or more sick days a year because of severe discomfort.

Personally, I’ve never taken one but I can definitely understand why you’d need to!

It also found that most women we’re anxious about calling in sick, due to their period. Nearly 46 per cent of the women surveyed said they were too scared to reveal the reason they needed a day off.

Well, of course they would be! It’s not something you want to tell the world, is it? It’s personal.

It would be extremely awkward and embarrassing to call up your male boss and say, ‘I’m not coming in today because I’ve got my period, I’m in extreme pain, I’m very emotional and I just need a bar of chocolate’.

It wouldn’t be that easy telling your female boss, either, because women don’t experience the same symptoms as one another.

Some women can experience bearable but uncomfortable pain, some can experience no pain at all and others can literally be in so much pain they are unable to move or they’re physically ill because of it.

If your boss is someone who doesn’t experience a lot of period pain, then she’ll probably think it’s not a good enough reason to take a day off.

This explains why 24 per cent of females surveyed thought period symptoms wouldn’t be taken seriously by their employer and therefore called in and told their employer they were sick with something else.

The new study also found that one in six women are affected by period pain so bad that they can’t get out of bed and one in seven said they could only manage half their normal output at work.

Yep, sounds all too familiar. You feel gross, grumpy and can’t even think straight, let alone put together a spreadsheet on monthly expenses. How about throw the computer and your expenses out the window? How about that?

Yes, are there women who use that time of the month as an excuse to take a day off, but there are others who have a real hard time.

Some women have medical problems, like a Retroverted Uterus or Endometriosis that can enhance the level of pain they have during that time of the month and that should really be taken into consideration.

It’s not something that you should do every month (unless you really, really have to) but I think women should be allowed to take a sick day every once in a while during that dreaded time of the month, because sometimes it really bloody hurts. Pardon the pun.

What do you think?