Want to know what your stars have in store for you this fortnight? Read on for Julianna from Soul TV’s predictions.


Your focus will be on romance, and deciding where you want to take it. You’re learning how to establish relationships with more clarity and longevity.


You’re desiring a peaceful, quiet and private environment, and spending a lot of time with immediate family and friends at home. It’s about establishing foundations for you to continue building your career and your private life. Work/life balance is king.


This month is all about intimacy. Specifically, how do you feel you need to empower yourself sexually and emotionally? Embrace the sense of self you wish to share in your relationships.


Professional and financial interests will be quite strong. Make sure you are clear about money and how to use it, and where it is going when it comes to finances and relationships being interlocked.


You need to make sure you are open and direct with all relationships, otherwise you will close yourself off and become suspicious of those around you.


You need to stop feeling overly sensitive about issues from the past that are no longer relevant. Get over yourself and move back to the powerful soul you were born to be.


You’ll be expanding your social circle. Make sure you use your intuition and your strategic brain to get the best out of people and yourself. Network and build relationships; these are your foundation times for 2016.


It’s time for couples to really aim to be the best that you can be together. Look at what it is you are trying to achieve and get your goals in sync to build on.


You will find yourself feeling a little hectic and negative. Stop, think and remember that by communicating – not ignoring – you are able to find a way out of any tricky situation.


You will have to analyse things that require subtle attention to detail. You need to really look at the material in front of you before you make any form of decision.


You’ll find new depth to your relationship with your significant other. If there is no significant other, don’t worry – they’ll be coming later this year.


You need to sit down and decide what it is you want to do from a financial perspective. It’s about understanding investments and getting educated about shares and markets that can increase your cashflow and longer term wealth.

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