Have you purchased eggs in Brisbane lately? Your health could be in danger as Food Standards Australia New Zealand issue a recall for this potentially dangerous produce.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand have issued a recall on William’s Eggs.

The eggs have been widely on sale throughout Queensland and in Brisbane, available for sale at IGA, independent stores, fruit shops, butchers and service stations. William’s Eggs, cardboard cartons in one dozen and 30 egg trays, 500g, 600g, 700g and 800g sizes, are all being recalled.

The recall is due to a system failure leading to the potential for unacceptable cracked eggs. This is a food safety hazard because cracked eggs can harbour pathogens that may cause illness if consumed.

The recall warns consumers not to eat this product and advises them to return the products to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Queensland Health has also urged consumers not to purchase or consume cracked, dirty or unstamped eggs, and to report any incidences to their local Public Health Unit.

Health Protection Executive Director Sophie Dwyer said cracked or dirty eggs had a greater risk of Salmonella, one of the leading causes of food poisoning.

“Eggs that are cracked or dirty have a much higher chance of carrying bacteria and, in turn, significantly increase the risks of food poisoning,” Ms Dwyer said. “Surface contamination can also contaminate the egg during the cracking of the egg.

“Cracked or dirty eggs should not be used in the preparation of food, and consumers are advised to always check eggs before purchasing them.

“Any eggs that are damaged after purchase should be thrown out and not used. Cartons that contain cracked eggs should be discarded and not reused to prevent cross contamination.

“Eggs should never be washed as the shells become more porous, making it easier for any bacteria to get inside the egg.”

Consumers are advised to always thoroughly wash their hands after handling eggs.

For more information, www.foodstandards.gov.au .