We know that prevention and early detection is always best, and now the Holy Spirit Northside Private Hospital has a Breast Health Centre dedicated for screening and diagnostic assessment of all diseases of the breast.

For women, being told that breast cancer is the most common form of cancer can be a terrifying prospect. So knowing there is a centre focused solely on educating, screening and support for anything related to breasts is a comforting thought.

Did you know that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime? This means you must be vigilant with breast screening as when it’s performed regularly, is an excellent way to detect breast cancer in its early stage.

The Centre uses advanced imaging equipment, including state-of-the art 3D digital tomosynthesis mammography and ultrasound technology and their friendly team are specifically trained in breast screening. Which means you’re in the best place for innovative and comprehensive breast imaging services.

There is a radiology service on site that is integrated within the Breast Health Centre, which makes for a more streamlined approach to consultations, diagnosis and breast care management.

Also 60% of women will experience benign breast changes which can cause anxiety and distress if you don’t know what is happening. The Breast Health Centre staff will support and educate you to reduce your anxiety and fear about any breast concerns.

The service offered here is multidisciplinary, collaborative and comprehensive and if breast changes are detected, there are breast surgeons and other breast experts are available to support you through your cancer journey.

The fully-qualified breast care nurses will coordinate this care in consultation with your referring doctor – who will always remain responsible for your care and ongoing management.

Some of the services available at the Centre include:

– 3D tomosynthesis mammography which has been proven to provide a 40% improvement in the early detection of breast cancer (and lower radiation dose).
– the latest ultrasound machines to allow for the early detection of previously undetectable lesions
– access to a multidisciplinary team including radiologists, breast care nurses, radiographers and sonographers expert in breast diagnostics and screening.

Daniele Doyle, General Manager Holy Spirit Northside Private Hospital said, “The goal of the Breast Health Centre is to provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for women requiring breast screening, diagnosis, interventions, consultation, treatment and care.”

So be proactive, take an interest in your breast health and book in for a check up today. Your life may depend on it.

Holy Spirit Northside Private Hospital Breast Health Centre is located at 627 Rode Rd, Chermside. For more information, head to their website.