It’s time to get active and jump into an exercise experience that’s set to sweep across the nation.

Hundreds of people across each state will come together to take part in Australia’s largest simultaneous group workout this weekend, burning thousands of calories and highlighting the importance of being active.

With the goal to get more Australians off the couch and moving, Goodlife Health Clubs is encouraging people in Brisbane to participate in a 45 minute group workout at the annual Goodlife Wellness Festival on Saturday October 25.

The event, to be held at the same time in various outdoor locations across the country, comes in response to recent news that Australia’s obesity rates are climbing faster than any other country.

Goodlife Health Clubs National Member Experience Manager Clare Gioules said the event would appeal to wellness warriors, fitness fanatics, health food nuts and those just wanting to learn more and play a part in setting a new, healthier record for Australia.

“As one of the top six fastest-growing health clubs and top 20 gym brands globally, we’re committed to educating, motivating and encouraging more Australians to get moving and live the good life,” she said. “Whether we’re catching the bus, watching a movie, driving the car or behind our desks – research has shown that we now sit for longer than we sleep and it’s slowly killing us.

“Doing at least 30 minutes of exercise is still important, but it’s just as critical for people to reduce their sitting time, schedule more breaks, take more steps and move more every day – it’s that simple.”

The 45 minute class will combine the latest functional training trends including bodyweight exercises, plyometric movements and high-intensity circuits, with the aim of harnessing the collective power of exercisers in each state, raising heart rates and awareness about the benefits of moving and being active.

“We want to show people of all ages, fitness levels and from all walks of life that a little bit of exercise goes a long way,” Ms Gioules said. “A typical 45 minute workout produces about 75 watt hours of electricity – so even if we got just 100 people in each state to participate, we will generate enough energy to fully charge more than 4000 iPhones.”

The Goodlife Wellness Festival line-up will also include market stalls, health consultations, wellness seminars, cooking demonstrations, as well as fitness challenges and prizes – including a health retreat in Thailand worth $3000 to be won in each state.

The Queensland Goodlife Wellness Festival will be held at Roma Street Parklands on Saturday 25 October from 8am to 10am. To register for Australia’s largest simultaneous group workout and for more information visit