Cycling is not only good for your health, it also gives others a helping hand.

Bikes 4 Life have arrived in Brisbane with the valued support of Bicycle Queensland, so keen cyclists now have a drop off point at which to donate bicycles and a venue to hold workshops.

The company is 100 per cent environmentally friendly, promoting recycling, upcycling and healthy and sustainable living through cycling. Bikes 4 Life is a network of concerned citizens, organizations and companies, who are dedicated to supporting extremely marginalized and neglected individuals and communities by providing re-­‐cycled bicycles asa mode of sustainable transport, a vital instrument for access to independence and livelihood.

They aim to provide bicycles to the needy,raise awareness to the less informed,act as role models to our own youth, strengthen local community values, give hope, empowerment and confidence to marginalized communities,while supplying something as simple as bicycles.

Bikes that have been donated to the organization have been donated as far afield as Northern Uganda. They have also been raising bikes for marginalised Indigenous communities in Central Australia and on a local level throughout Melbourne, for disadvantaged youth and families most in need. Since mid 2012 they have sent three containers of bikes to Indigenous communities in remote locations, and have more projects currently being planned.

For more information on how you can get involved visit .