We spoke with Brisbane brow queen Monique Devaney from Amy Jean Eye Couture to ensure your brow game is ever-strong.

Did you know that 2016 is the year of the brow?

OK, I might have made that up, but with the amount of care and attention we’re now putting into our face framers, it might as well be official.

Before, it was a tweeze here, a pluck there and we’d go on our merry way. Now we know better. We know that a perfectly sculpted brow is like a mini facelift. We know that thin, tadpole-like eyebrows belong back in the 90s. And we know there are LOADS of products that have hit the market to help us keep our brows on point: think Anastasia Beverly Hills, IT Cosmetics and the amazing new Benefit brow range with every product your eyebrows could ever need.

I spoke to Monique Deveney from Amy Jean Eye Couture’s Brisbane salon to help decipher which tool is best for what, and then added a few of my fave spangley new products for you to try.

Amy Jean Linnehan & Monique Deveny

Image: Amy Jean Linnehan & Monique Deveny

Brow gels

What they’re best for: Coming in both a clear and a tinted form, gels are applied with a spoolie to keep your eyebrow hairs in place. It’s sort of like a mascara for your brows.

“Gels are best for people who already have thick eyebrows and don’t really want much filling in,” Monique explains. She says the tinted varieties are good for adding a pop of colour when you don’t need anything too dramatic.

Hot tip: Make sure you go with the flow of your hair, not against, or you’ll end up with the gel all over your skin.


Must-try products: Benefit Gimme Brow Voluminising Eyebrow Gel ($39) for its amazing brow multiplying skills. They didn’t go with a magician vibe for their ad campaign for nothing! I’m also a bit in love with Anastasia Beverly Hills’ gels; try the clear over the top of your pencil or powder brows to keep them in place post-shading.


What they’re best for: Anything, really! Need to beef up the volume of the brow? Change its shape? Fill in patchy bits? Pencils are your best bet.

“I feel pencils are for anyone,” Monique says. “They can create a very clean line for the brow.”

Hot tip: “Make sure your pencil is always sharp!” Monique says. Also, don’t go overboard; the hair is naturally more sparse towards the start of the brow so colouring in here too heavily will result in an unnatural, cartoony look.


Must try products: Amy Jean Brow Blender Pencil ($35) for its gorgeous blendable coverage. Also LOVE Benefit’s Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil ($42) for its smooth texture and its ability to be administered perfectly even by klutzes like me. I’ll also give a big shout-out to IT Cosmetics with their Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil ($38). I don’t know how they do it but the “universal” means one colour fits all. Yes, ALL. Probably voodoo or something.


What they’re best for: Powders really are the universal brow betterer. “I believe anyone fits the bill when it comes to using powders,” Monique says. This eyebrow product is best for those who don’t really have any big issues but want to make their brows look a little more lush and full.

“They’re an easy product to use, providing you have a great brush,” Monique explains.

Hot tip: A powder is to really even out the density of an already well shaped brow, so make sure your brows haven’t gone too rogue before using. Monique says to use an amazing angled brush, to not have too much product on said brush, and to have the right colour powder to match your hair.


Must-try products: Anastasia Brow Powder Duo ($41) without question. Most beauty experts I know back this nifty duo wholeheartedly because of its two-toned powders that give a 3D effect. Also adore Amy Jean Eye Couture’s Brow Velvet. This baby is velvet by name, velvet by nature, delivering a perfectly textured, naturally full look and works best with their Brow Definer brush ($25).

Felt-tipped brow pens

What they’re best for: Finally, drawing on your face with a felt-tip pen is OK again! (Thanks, childhood!) Just make sure you do it with a proper brow pen, or we can’t be held responsible for any permanent mishaps. Monique says these babies are usually best for those with an already strong brow. “It’s for people who want to fill in little sections of spare areas,” she explains. “The pen will give a hair-stroke effect, look very natural, and blend in with the natural hair.”

Hot tip: Monique says to always make sure you don’t press too hard on your skin, or you’ll splay the tip. Oh, and keep the lid on so it doesn’t dry out!


Must-try products: You can’t go past Stila’s All-Day Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil for Insta-worthy, natural looking brow fullness. I’ve also uncovered a brilliant version for the budget conscious in Natio’s Precision Brow Marker ($12.95), which offers a soft, buildable effect.

Brow wax

What it’s best for: Similar to the brow gels, wax is ALL about keeping your brows in place. “They can give a really clean, slick brow so you don’t have to worry about the brow hairs being all over the place,” Monique says. They also avoid the potential of crunchy brows that you can sometimes get with a bad brow gel. Many waxes will also come with a companion powder, to “set” the look.

Hot tips: Monique says to make sure you don’t use too much product, and use a spoolie to comb the product through so there’s no unwanted wax buildup.


Must-try products: Amy Jean Brow Putty ($55.00) is apparently Dannii Minogue’s favourite product and it’s easy to see why; ain’t no brows moving anywhere after this wax! Another award-winning must try is Benefit’s Brow Zings Eyebrow Shaping Kit ($55). Featuring tinted wax (for that extra colour oomph), along with a brow powder, brush and a mini set of tweezers in the one purse-worthy compact, it’s a mini brow studio in your bag.

Feather touch tattoo

What it’s best for: This revolutionary tattooing technique was originally designed to create brows for those that didn’t have them, but now it can help refine and fill out your existing brows. Unlike the harsh block tattooing of the past, Feather Touch Tattoo looks completely natural because it mimics the real brow hair, helping to frame your face and dramatically cut down makeup time. “Nowadays we find most people are great candidates for Feather Touch Brows,” Monique says.

Hot tip: “It’s really important to continue your brow maintenance once you’ve had the feathring done, depending on what the artist has recommended for your skin type,” Monique says.

Must-try products: Amy Jean Eye Couture salons offer Feather Touch Tattooing from all their salons in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast from $895. Visit amyjean.com.au for more information.