Yes, your skin needs a seasonal overhaul just as much as your wardrobe.

Winter can really do a number on your delicate skin. The weather can make it dry and flaky, then you overcompensate with moisturisers and serums and before you know it your poor face is suffering from multiple personalities and just can’t cope.

When the weather starts heating up, it’s really important to change up your skincare routine as well. Using the same products all year round is like wearing a woollen coat in the middle of summer: it just doesn’t make sense. It can cause your delicate visage to overheat and your pores to clog up with sweat. Gross, but true.

So, in honour of distressed pores everywhere, I propose we make skin spring cleaning a thing.

Here’s what you can do to switch it up in the warmer months.

Switch it up

Your skin reacts differently to different seasons so a change on the cleansing and moisturising front is definitely in order. You no longer have to protect against the elements so the thick moisturiser is out. And because your skin is all of a sudden producing more sebum, you might want a more robust cleanser to do the job.

But hold your horses: do not, I repeat DO NOT change both your cleanser and moisturiser at once. Just like me when there’s too much change in my life, your skin can’t handle it and will freak the hell out. Think tantrum breakouts.

You have to ease your epidermis into it… change one for a month and then smoothly swap the other out like a skincare ninja.

Get bathing

Baths seem more a winter activity but there are loads of benefits to the humble soak through spring. A warming bath can help you sweat out toxins, and keeps your skin in a state where product can penetrate much deeper, and thus work better.

Lighten up, then darken down

Similar to the heavy moisturiser theory, heavy foundations can also wreak havoc on your face. Lighten up the load by swapping your fave coverage for something a little sheerer and more beneficial.

BB creams and tinted moisturisers do double duty, delivering goodness to your skin while also providing lightweight coverage. Also, your skin tends to darken in the warmer months — all that sun exposure — so you might also want to go half a shade to a full shade darker in terms of colouring.

SPF everything

Look, I KNOW we should be using SPF-based products in winter too… the sun’s rays don’t discriminate and all that. But sometimes we (slash I) forget, and spring is reminder to do the slop part of the slip slop slap.

Look for moisturisers and foundations with a high SPF level, or just put good old fashioned sunscreen underneath your normal coverage.