Cruella de Vil-style arches, bold block colours, straight and squiggly lines, monos — many people have fallen victim to the old eyebrow tattooing techniques, but things have come a long way since then.

A new style of eyebrow tattooing called ‘feather touching’ is taking the beauty world by storm, offering ladies (and men) perfect natural looking eyebrows, that can actually be altered.

Expert in ‘feather touching’ and Director of iBoutique in Hawthorne, Bree Cowen says eyebrow tattoos have come back in fashion because the technique has completely changed.

“The trend first started with the traditional block tattoo and that that was around for a very long time, now the touch technique has come about which is a much more natural and semi permanent treatment,” she says.

“How it works is, we tattoo fine little hair strokes into the skin rather than a powder brow like they used too back in the day. It means you’re not stuck with the same shape for ever, as it generally last between 12 months and 2 years.”

Bree says there are a number of different reasons why people get their eyebrows tattooed these days.

“Some girls come in that have great eyebrows, but they just don’t want to bother filling their eyebrows in with pencil anymore. Most girls spend a lot of time in the morning doing their eyebrows and makeup, so it can be time consuming,” she says.

“Other people have really miss-shaped eyebrows. Having your eyebrows done properly really makes a huge difference to your face.”

“There are also some people that suffer from Alopecia, and some that have undergone cancer treatment and their brows have never grown back properly.”

Bree says there are a number of different eyebrow styles and shapes, including Ombre.

“We recommend a shape we think is going to complement their (customers) features best,” she says.

“We determine where the eyebrow should start, where the arch should be and what brow will suit your face shape. If someone has a petite face we wouldn’t do a super full brow on them, because it’s going to be too much. If someone’s got a longer face, I like to go with a brow that’s less arched because it brings balance to their face and someone with a rounder face needs to go with more of an arch to balance their features.

“The Ombre style is suitable for people who’ve already got quite a bit eyebrow hair there. A lot of girls like to fill in their eyebrows a little lighter in the front and darker through the middle and ends already, so this gives them a softer look. It’s actually a really popular style.”

The old block coloured eyebrow tattoos had a tendency to fade and discolour, leaving a lot of people with patchy or greenish looking eyebrows. We were curious to find out if feather touch brows would do the same.

“The old block tattoos tend to take on a bit of a blue or greenish tone, but that’s definitely not the cases with feather touch brows. All they do is get a little lighter over time,” Bree says.

“Every skin type is different; some skin types don’t hold the colour for as long as others and some can hold it for longer; it just depends on the person, their lifestyle and the products they use on their skin. The sun definitely effects tattoos, so we recommend they put sunscreen over their eyebrows to stop the fading. With people who go swimming in chlorine a lot, we recommend putting Vaseline over their eyebrows before they go in to prevent the bleaching effect.”

“The treatment only lasts 12 months to 2 years, if you decide you want to tweak the shape after that time or if they’ve faded you can always tweak them. You’re not stuck with that same shape forever.”

Apart from being able to have them altered and tweaked to your liking, Bree says there are heaps of other benefits with having feather touch brows.

“You wake up having beautiful eyebrows, you’re able to swim in the ocean without your eyebrows coming off, you’re able to go to the gym without your brows sweating off, and you can get the right shape to compliment your face. Perfect,” she says.

Sounds good to us! Before you consider getting your eyebrows done though, Bree says you need to do your research on the salon you choose.

“Have a look at the work the salon has done and ask for photos from immediately after that work has been done. You’ll also need to see the healed results, from a couple months down the track,” she says.

“There are a lot of tattoos that look good straight after they’re done, but when it heals it’s so much different. There’s definitely an art to keeping the pigments in the skin.”

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