I was in desperate need of a spa day, a massage, a treatment, anything to relax — and the one I got not only did that, it left me sparkling!

The truth is, I had never had a spa treatment or a massage before in my life and I was desperate to find out what all the fuss was about.

I booked in for an afternoon of spa therapy at One Wybelenna in Brookfield and I have to admit I was pretty excited!

When I arrived at the spa, I was greeted by the lovely Heather Sartain – Spa Director.

The retreat was huge, complete with an infinity pool and spa, a sunken lounge fireplace and beautiful Asian-inspired gardens. There were comfy chairs and sun beds all around the place; I wanted to curl up in one with a book to read.

I got changed into my bathers and was shown to the outdoor magnesium spa, where I was left to relax and bubble my troubles away.

After soaking in the spa for what seemed like a lifetime of peaceful bliss (it was actually about 45 minutes), senior beauty therapist Deborah Dalzell came out to collect me for my treatment.

Born in the north of Ireland, Deborah specialises in prescription facials and body treatments — and let me tell you, she has the hands of an angel.

The treatment I chose was the Crystal Harmony Body Treatment, an exfoliation and massage combination.

The treatment, which goes for 60 minutes, uses extracts of precious stones and minerals to energise, firm and balance the skin.

Extracts of Rhodocrosite, Malachite and Diamond are combined with a luxurious body cream enriched with Amethyst, Sapphire and Ruby. This combination produces a smoothing plus exfoliating mousse to soften and energise the skin – and that’s exactly what it does!

I was taken into my own little private room, complete with soothing music, a comfy looking massage bed, slippers, a robe and some towels.

I’ll have to admit at this stage I was a little nervous — never having had a massage before, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

As I lay down on the table, Deborah explained to me what she was about to do.

“First I’ll apply the moisturising exfoliation treatment (lotion) and that will be massaged into the skin. Then I will buff off the excess with towelling mitts, which will mean the little stones are left (on the skin),” she said.

Deborah started with my legs and worked her way up to my back and neck. I could feel my eyes getting heavier and heavier, I was so relaxed.

The massage was great for my muscles, instantly releasing any tension I had from my gym session the night before.

Being a journalist, I just couldn’t resist ruining the relaxing moment by asking Deborah some questions about exfoliation and why it’s important to do.

“It increases your circulation it also gets rid of your dead skin cells,” she said.

“I think a lot of people spend a lot on moisturisers and in my opinion it’s a waste of time if you don’t exfoliate because all you’re hydrating is the dead skin.”

Deborah said it’s important to exfoliate the whole body, especially coming into summer.

“We tend to forget the body and just focus on the face,” she said.

“In the cooler months, we sit inside more often and wear jeans and long shirts, so your skin doesn’t get to see much sunlight. During summer you’re walking more, doing more exercise and going to the beach, so it’s important to exfoliate. It means you’re getting that circulation boost and all that dead skin is getting shed away so you get to have nice glowing skin.

“With Crystal Harmony you’re getting rid of the dead skin, but once that dead skin is removed it also leaves beautiful moisturiser behind and keeps the skin nice and hydrated.”

During the session, Deborah also gave me some tips to practice at home.

“Only exfoliate once a week,” she said. “It really depends on how thick your skin is. If you’ve got fine skin, like when you’re older, it’s not good to exfoliate too much.”

But, she adds, “you should moisturise every day.”

After the massage and exfoliation, Deborah used her “subtle energies” on the seven different chakra points on my body to help awaken my mind from the peaceful state I was in. To be honest, I wanted to stay there.

Feeling all bendy and relaxed, I walked out of the dim lit room into the sunlight – and I literally sparkled!

I looked down at my arms and they were covered in little crystal flecks, left over from the lotion. I felt like Edward Cullen in Twilight, except I was blonde and a little bit tanned.

One Wybelenna have definitely turned me into a Spa-a-holic and I will be going back soon! I think next time I’m going for the Deluxe Chocolate Scrub with Ancient Thai Pinda Balance treatment!

One Wybelenna is located at 1 Wybelenna Street, Brookfield. For more information, visit www.onewybelenna.com