Here’s how to look sensational this racing season.


Always remember that when it comes to makeup, you have to clean the house before you paint it. That’s why it’s important to cleanse your skin thoroughly before heading off to the races. Make sure you choose an appropriate cleanser that will purify your pores and don’t even think about applying foundation without using a primer first. Blotting papers are also a handy little tool to carry around in your purse during the races. You can use pressed powder, but it isn´t quite as practical or portable. With blotting papers, if you find the dreaded shine appearing on your face, you can just tear a piece off and mop up it up.


Good race hair is all about the preparation. For fascinator ready hair, ensure you wash your locks the day before the big event; otherwise it just won’t be able to hold a style. Before you head off to bed apply a mousse or thickening spray to damp hair for grip, body and hold and then blow dry it through until dry. Then all you have to do is pin up your tresses and spray them with light hairspray.


Whether you’re going the fake tan route or opting for natural skin, it’s important to prep your skin before heading off for a day at the races. Exfoliation is your new best friend, it’s important to gently scrub skin before you tan, to lift all those dead skin cells. Applying fake tan to dry, uneven skin will simply leave you looking patchy. If you’re not applying tan-in-a-can, then exfoliation will still leave your skin looking fresh and glowing.