This Brisbane model has captured the world’s attention at a major fashion event.

Brisbane beauty Madeline Stuart has strutted her stuff at New York Fashion Week, trending the iconic catwalks among the world’s most fashionable.

On Monday Madeline made her debut at NYFW walking in FTL Moda’s Spring 2016 runway show. The show took place at Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Station and Madeline wowed the crowd in three different looks.

The first was a casual look featuring iridescent shorts and a flowy halter tank with a psychedelic pattern. She also wore white and gold platform shoes with her auburn hair styled in a messy bun and a blue butterfly design painted on her face.

She was escorted down the runway by two male models who were completely covered in blue paint with a large jelly fishes on their chests. The next look was a futuristic bridal gown with a blue and gold bodice and a torn rmad-at-fashuffle skirt.

For the finale she walked out with designers Hendrik Vermeulen and Jean-Daniel Meyer-Vermeulen wearing a black T-shirt with the message “I Am NYFW” on the back.

The 18-year-old, who has Down syndrome and other health problems (including three holes in her heart and a loose valve, all of which she manages with heart medication), set her sights on a modelling career and has been following her dream of walking in a major fashion show with single-minded determination.

What do you think of Madeline’s New York Fashion Week debut?