There was a time when only Jerry Seinfeld could get away with sporting a pair of sneakers with an everyday outfit, but times have changed.

Hit the ground running with this new trend that combines comfort and style in one swift movement. Once a fashion faux-paus, sneakers are getting the big tick on ‘run’ways around the world. Even high-end fashion houses such as Chanel have given the nod to sports luxe style, incorporating some tricked up trainers into their latest collection.

It’s good news for the sole, as for once fashion doesn’t have to equal pain!

For a 21st century take on the star’s signature style from the 90s, swap stilettos for sneakers and invest in a pair of fashion forward kicks. Adidas originals, New Balance, Lacoste or Nike sneakers in monochrome shades are the go-to shoes. Then pair them with just about any ensemble, from day to night wear, or street to red carpet style. The more stark the contrast the better.

Even if you’ve never stepped foot inside a gym, you can still harness a more complementary athletic aesthetic by throwing on a Viktoria and Woods anorak. The Armadale label has athleisure wear down to a fine art. Or go the extra mile and opt for the ultimate sports luxe look, teaming a trench with a pair of cuffed boyfriend jeans to show off your feature footwear.

Whatever you wear with your pair, this sneaky style will leave you with a new spring in your step.