With a little elbow grease and creativity, you can get ‘the look’ for a lot less…

Armed with a pair of scissors, pliers, paintbrushes and a grater, Fashion Hound’s Faye Delanty, is leading the charge on a DIY designer fashion revolution.

The Eco-fashion warrior is all about creating sustainable fashion on a shoestring. Her mantra in hashtag form is #Reuse #Reinvent #Reduce your #FashionFootprint.

“Without a trust fund up my sleeve, I’ve had to find ways to simplify what I see on the catwalks, and make it work from the runway to the real way. I pay close attention to what the designers do and each individual brands aesthetic so I can replicate it. Because I have done my homework when I hit the thrift and vintage stores, my eye is finely tuned to spot the look for less,” she said.

Distressed designer denim jeans can set you back a good $3000. Faye’s found you can customise a thrifted pair so they look like the popular boyfriend jeans styled straight from the design houses. She says one of the keys is to think about where the wear and tear would be when making them look worn in.

“Start at the knees, make a few incisions and then grate away. Move onto the pockets and grate the edges so it unpicks the stitching, tease the denim fibres as they start to give way, and even distress the pocket area so the pocket sleeve can poke out,” she said.

To see the full demonstration click here.

Faye also has a knack for creating luxurious statement neckpieces that can turn a plain dress into the perfect party frock, or add some glamour to a casual tee combination.

She says the first step is to source 3-4 necklaces from your local thrift store and purchase some pliers, jump rings and jewellery wire.

“Start with a choker piece…it’s a really good platform to work from, and then layer some varying necklace lengths to get a really expensive look and it’ll cost you next to nothing,” she said.

To join the first two pieces together, Faye uses pliers to connect the necklaces with jump rings. Then she cuts a small piece of jewellery wire, and ties a few knots to the end rings of the third necklace, and connects it up to the jump rings. More here.

One of her latest creations is a copy of a Burberry coat, which is a walk in the park to pull together (as long as you or one of your friends has some artistic ability)!

“All you need to do is find a vintage or second hand coat that would work as a worthy canvas. I found an authentic Aquascutum trench for $20 at a local Salvation Army store on 46th Street in New York.”

“Then using brushes and paint in aesthetically pleasing shades, customise the garment to get the Burberry look for a ‘berry berry’ low price,” she said.

To see the gallery click here.

This Fashion Hound also has tutorials on how to get the Balmain, Chanel and Gucci aesthetic without breaking the bank.

What have you DIY’d? Tell us your hot tips in the comments below…