You know him as Spock, but there’s a whole other side of Leonard Nimoy than you might not be aware of.

With the sad passing of actor Leonard Nimoy last Saturday, tributes have been pouring in for his time as Spock from Star Trek, his most well-known role.

But Nimoy was also a singer, photographer, poet and voice artist. In 2007 he worked on ‘The Full Body Project’, a series of photographs depicting larger ladies in various states of undress in a celebration of not only the female form but the personalities and presence behind the photos.

“I wanted these pictures to be more about them. These women are projecting an image that is their own. And one that also stems from their own story rather than mine. Their self-esteem is strong,” he wrote in the artist statement.

“With these new images, I am now hearing different words. Sometimes ‘beautiful’, but with a different sub-text. I hear comments, which lead to questions. The questions lead to discussions–about beauty, social acceptability, plastic surgery, our culture and health.”

Click through the gallery to see a selection of images.

You can also view the full, NSFW collection here (warning: tasteful nudes ahead).

Images via Mashable.